Sunday, August 9, 2009

It's off to Sundance!

Submitted via, paid for, packed, and ready to mail.
We had a clamshell case with our nice dvd wrap artwork ready to go, but it turns out Sundance is so eco-friendly, all they want is a dvd in a sleeve and a confirmation number. Not even the application! No superficial nonsense for them! (We did make a nice on-disc print though. I hope they won't disqualify us for wasting ink.) I look forward to the day when I can submit a film (video) via telepathy. Way faster than FTP.
We also mailed a copy to a great little site that provides professional critiques of Super Low Budget films. They gave Remote Control Grandpa an 8/10! AWESOME!

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Lisa Monet said...

Park City, Utah! Wish we could accompany TMO on its journey there and be in the room when it is screened---we'd hear the cheers and laughs from the judges, all wanting to have their own copy because they totally love it!!