Wednesday, August 5, 2009


I said before that it was done, but I LIED.
NOW it's done.
The "Fine Tooth Comb" phase took a bit longer than expected, but fear not- every single tangle has been eradicated, and the bedhead successfully smoothed out. TOTALLY ready for the class picture.
Within the next 48 hours, our little 85 minute wonder will be on its merry way to Park City, Utah. That's right, we're submitting to Sundance. WHAT. Don't think we'll get in? Well THINK AGAIN; I've got a little secret up my sleeve. It's called AWESOMENESS, and this movie is literally exploding with it.
Normally I don't do this, but I'm feeling especially awesome right now, so I'm going to share a super secret with you.

  • One part Cool
  • One part Funny
  • Two parts Hella
Beat on high for 12 months. Chill before serving.


1 comment:

Jason said...

You rawk as hard as the day is long. It must be teh AWESOME!!!

that is all.