Friday, April 25, 2008

Go vote! (On the title.) (It's on the right.)

Five days left to vote on the title!
Okay, here are my thoughts on each candidate. I love The Greatest Story Never Told, because it fits the story perfectly; it's about a film crew that fails to make their movie. So their story is never told. The story about their story is told (our story), but not the story they wanted to tell. But The Making Of is also a perfect fit; we'll shoot our movie as if it's the making-of video for the dvd for their movie. And since their movie never gets finished, the Making Of is all they're left with. It's also kind of a mysterious title too:
"I'm gonna go see The Making Of."
"The making of what?"
"I don't know, and the curiosity is killing me."
"Well now I want to see it."
Another plus would come from the real making-of video we'd make: The Making Of The Making Of. Awesome.
What I don't like about The Greatest Story Never Told is that it sounds like a parody of The Greatest Story Ever Told. Which it most certainly is not. I almost want to toss Jesus into the script because the title is so cool.
What I don't like about The Making Of is that it might be difficult to find online. "Greatest Story Never Told" returns 139,000 results on Google, but "The Making Of" pulls up 4,920,000. Whoof. That's the problem, lots of movies have a making-of featurette. Anything can have a making-of movie about it. And it gets worse- imagine this movie on the marquis at a theater. If there's another title after The Making Of, both movies are screwed.
"Oh look what's playing, honey- The Making Of No Country For Old Men."
"Why would I want to see the making-of? I haven't even seen the movie yet."
"Me neither. I wonder why it's not playing here anymore."
Hopefully no one would be that dumb, but what scares me is that dumb people are the target audience for our movie. Sigh.
Go vote on the title!!!


lisa said...

Hey, are you calling me dumb? I want to see your movie, and I don't even know the title yet. Is that dumb? Oh, well, I'm going to go vote..

lisa said...

I went to vote, and now I'm back. I can't decide. I want more choices. I'm thinking something more specific.